Thursday, June 28, 2012

Digitalis Recordings - Born Again for the First Time (Compilation)

Compilation of new and unreleased tunes to celebrate the launch of the new Digitalis website (7 years in the making!). Download it here:

Check out the new site here:

Kodacrome - Perla (EP)

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Arcadia Gardens - Memory Machines (Album)


Keadz (feat. Aladin) - Amulette Magique (EP)


Cygnets - Dark Days (Album)

Dark Days (2012)
1. Victoria's Song (mp3)
2. Teenager (mp3)
3. Leave The Prophets Dead Where They Lie (mp3)
4. Dark Romantic (mp3)
5. Sarah Smith (mp3)
6. We Will Become Enemies (mp3)
7. Satellites (mp3)
8. Rx Victims
9. A Broken Mirror (mp3)
10. Cassie Ainsworth (mp3)
11. The Dreaded Ninth (mp3)
12. Richey Edwards Traces (mp3)
13. Dread City (mp3)
14. Regression (mp3)

Note : If you download the tracks individually, you will get an isolated version that does not bleed into the next track as they do on the full album.

Jeremy Glenn - Box Life (EP)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Koda - Snapshots 2 (Album)

All of these songs are based on stories submitted by the lovely people on reddit. Here is the original post (Comment thread contains all the stories)